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Neuromobilization, or nerve mobilization, is a fancy way of saying moving or stretching a nerve that is experiencing tension due to injury.

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Custom Made Pillows

On average, you spend one third of your life in bed. If you are sleeping on a pillow that does not address your specific needs, you are likely causing repetitive strain on important neck structures.

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X-ray/ MRI / CT Scan

Depending on your symptoms, past medical history and results from a complete examination, X-rays of your spine and/or extremities may be ordered.

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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality that has been used since the 1940s. Ultrasound is applied using a round-headed wand that is put in direct contact with the patient’s skin.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a special form of electrical current that is administered at the site of soft tissue injury, especially muscles, for the blocking of pain.

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Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial release, or soft tissue mobilization, is a therapy used to release tension stored in the muscles and surrounding fascia.

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Kinesio-Tex Taping

The Kinesio Taping Method is a functional taping used in rehabilitation and sports medicine to support muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments.

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Therapeutic Exercises

Dr. Anthony and Dr. Nicole commonly prescribe specific therapeutic strengthening exercises for their patients with back, neck, and extremity problems.

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Spinal & Extremity Adjustments

Joint mobilizations and manipulations are treatments technique used to manage neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction of the spine and extremities.

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